Leaving California blues……

Me and Klaus at the Fremont Centre.. last show of outré tour…..

Me and Klaus at the Fremont Centre.. last show of our tour…..

Just came home from a wonderful retreat and tour in California. What an experience it’s been! Spreading my songs in America, and being so well received… has been a pleasure. So many nice, welcoming people I’ve met. …..Thanks so much to Brett Perkins and Klaus Caprani, who came on the tour with me…we were a nice trio in the van, as well as on stage… Also was amazed by the dramatic nature and the differences in the California landscape. From the giant redwood trees to the white beaches… and the climate… 25 degrees….. could walk bare feet in the winter.. mind you, they need some rain now.. so a bit frightening in the long run that it’s still so warm….But for my visit.. it was lovely. Now settling in here in Sweden again. Looking forward to work this spring with the trio “My Quiet Companion” doing a recurring  tour playing concerts, talking about the process of songwriting, as well as running workshops. Was also nice to come back to see my students at Löftadalens folkhögskola….beautiful songwriter and kindred spirits they are!  Enjoyed so much to see my kids again.. they’re my home…. home is good …..but must admit….I miss California already…..

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