Reviews for the EP “All the Small details”

Sofia Ekberg “All The Small Details” (Trickleheart/Border)

“In the two fine tunes ‘Så Nära’ and ‘Så Fint Att Vakna Sen’ Sofia Ekberg takes a giant leap forward and show us all that she should definitely continue to write in Swedish…..”

– Hans Bloom / Dalademokraten

“Sofia Ekberg is a new acquaintance that I love to hear more of, preferably with more Swedish-language material.”

– Roger Bengtsson / Ikon Magazine –

“Oh, how I enjoy this album! Right from the very first track! Mature, a distinctive own voice, personally addressed tracks that takes both me and her lyrics and music very seriously.”

– Jimmy Ginsby / Lira Musikmagasin –

“Swedish girl Sofia Ekberg presents this 6 track CD with music somewhat similar to the calmer side of James Taylor and Joni Mitchell. Or why not fellow Swede Lisa Ekdahl? It’s all acoustic and mellow, with a rather fragile voice that is both charming and moodful. All in all, a quite nice album.”

– Ola Gränshagen / Melodic Net –

“Sit back, relax and look forward to the first full-length album, because after these six songs, and this delicate and expressive voice full of warmth and charm, we certainly want to hear more!”

– Wolfgang Giese / RockTimes –

“Swedish singer-songwriter Sofia Ekberg has put six songs, 4 in English and 2 in Swedish language, on her debut, ‘All The Small Details’. It’s an acoustic folk album from a troubadour with high potential as composer of meaningful songs. We would gladly like to hear more from her, better sooner than later!”

– Valére Sampermans / Rootstime 

“The English language tracks, which number four out of the six, demonstrate an evocative sense of storytelling.Sofia uses the same musical palette as Eva Cassidy and Norah Jones; the performances are smooth and the sound is sweet. This is not to dismiss Ekberg’s work as mere dinner music as it is far from this. It would be a wholly welcome sight to see an album by Ekberg coming out this year”

Matthew Boulter, Americana UK


And also some songs played on the radio

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