Songwriting and Voice

Hi! Thanks for checking out my web-site  🙂 Here are some personal thoughts on song-writing and voice, as well as some information about my courses.


Songwriting for me is a beautiful combination of inspiration, craft, joy and patience.I’ve been writing songs since I was a kid, but been writing more intensely as well as performing my songs these last five years.

I’ve been doing courses in song-writing since 2008. I love teaching these courses, as I find it so inspiring to see how people  come in contact with themselves and their expression in a very stong way. Also, I get inspired to write myself when I run these courses (I guess that’s why I started running them in the first place). I work alot with creative writing and aim to create a lovable,  playful, non-competitive atmosphere where everyone can grow.

I started off creating  the course Skriv din Sång ( write your song) at Nordiska folkhögskolan, Kungälv and nowadays I run the one year course for singer/songwriters at Löftadalens folk highschool in  Åsa. I sometimes do weekend workshops  as well, both at the school and privately  Check Löftadalens folkhögskola for information .

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I believe that our voices are part of our souls, and to be in contact with your own voice is a very emotional project. In my experience, we can use our voices as a tool in life to feel better, handle ups and downs, feel freer and to be more in contact with our emotions and expression in a very natural way  I’ve had many experiences with my voice through life, and it has really effected my way of working, why I find it essential to share here.

My voice story

I started  as a child, just sing ing and singing, enjoying  the vibrations of my voice and the feeling I, through my voice, could communicate. As I grew up I decided to go into musical theatre. I trained and started a good career doing it. However, on the way there was something stopping me.I constantly had colds, allergy  and I kept singing, getting jobs, doing different project with my voice, tried genres where I really didn’t belong. I tried to copy styles, and be a good singer. I think I lost myself on the way. I didn’t know what my own expression was anymore, and my voice said no.I got nodules on my folds, had an operation… and after that,  life tended to be so problematic. All I thought about was protecting my voice…. And deliver on stage.I really didn’t want to sing anymore. There was nothing lustful about it. I just wanted to be quiet. A very new experience,  and also a very sad one.  I was in mourning.  And I was noone, without my voice.

I left musical theatre and did  other things: studying reading poetry, writing, fell in love, got married, had children, life moved on……

After some time, I started singing again, with my daughter. And for the first time… I could feel the vibration of my voice again,  my free voice. I realized that I sort of missed working on stage, but the main thing was really to feel the vibrations, to use my voice only for myself, to be happy, to feel alive. So the longing started and with that the road to become whole, to be able to sing again. But this time with my own voice.

I was lucky to meet Marie Bergman as I took part of her course ( The Unique Voice) in 2008 . Through using sounds,finding the voice in my body I could really feel my voice again,  and some kind of hope and knowing  grew in me. I went on doing sound therapy with  the organisation Soul Voice, discovering that my voice was still there, and also that I could use the voice as a strong tool for singing and living, allowing and releasing emotions and feeling stronger mentally, as well as helping other people doing so. 2010 I really started singing again, and my song-writing exploded as well. I was singing with my own voice again, just like when I was a little girl, I no longer tried to copy other singers, as I had done for years…. I was just being me, in my own voice… And nowadays… my voice is here, it’s reliable and I m so grateful for it.

 My courses:

These experiences form the foundation for my voice work.  In my courses we use a lot of sounding, working with sounds in the body, as well as performing songs working both emotionally and expressively. I aim to create a climate free of competition, but focusing on connection.  I’ve see that there is a great longing out there among people who want to find their expression and their authentic voice. It could be singers/ performers but also people  who just want to feel freer and not so limited. It’s basically for everyone who has a longing to feel more connected with oneself and other people.

Nowadays, I have courses called ” Våga sjung” ( Dare to sing) regularly at Löftadalens folkhögskola , but I also occasionally organize workshops, courses and individual sessions privately.

Next course is held at Löftadalens folkhögskola 30 June-4 July

Please send me an email if you want more information or want to book  a session/ workshop

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