Singelrelease: Vackrare nu 29/1

Singelsläpp idag 💙💙💙 lyssna här

Plötsligt slutade människor lägga märke till henne sa hon, som om ett filter lagt sig över hela hennes väsen. Jag tyckte det var en märklig berättelse. Min vän är en extremt karismatisk person och jag trodde hon överdrev. Men sen kom det fler och fler bekännelser från vänner- mest kvinnor, som upplevt att de blivit osynliga för världen när de kommit upp i en viss ålder, blivit äldre.Jag tänkte länge att jag ville skriva något om det här, men visste inte hur. I ett samtal med en vän som är skådespelerska kom ingången: hennes agent sa till henne att nu när hon är över 50 måste hon spela mer ful, ta fram sina fula egenskaper för det är sådana roller hon kommer att kunna få. Min vän, som genom hela sin karriär använt hela sitt spektrum i sitt skådespeleri blev rätt upprörd. Är vi inte längre vackra nu, ska vi inte vara det? Är det inte vackert att man ser att en människa levt: älskat, mist, drömt?Så- det fick bli en kampsång – en pop-dikt, en hiphop-visa. En kärleksfull hyllning till att bli äldre, klokare och vackrare. Till våra förebilder och alla som kommer efter. Så glad för den här låten och för att den släpps ut ut världen idag 💙 Tack ni som lyssnat på vägen och hjälpt mig att våga gå lite utanför comfortzonen här😎 Tack till Patrick Rydman som producerat och varit min klippa i processen 🙏🧡Petter Eriksson för finfin mastring Livet Måssebäck Nordför pepp och fix från Kakafon Records . Foto: Magnus Bergström Omslag: Adam Ekholm

US tour 2017

Hi everyone 🙂

So… have spent this past week in Washington, Long Beach co-hosting a songwriter-camp with my friend , and beautiful musician/songwriter, Matt Meighan. What a week it’s been!  My heart is full of songs, music and people! Today I get on the train to California. Looking forward to playing my music and sharing my stories

Here are the dates if you want to come down!

3 Aug: The Mudpuddle Shop, Niles

4 Aug: Caffe Trieste   831-241-6064

409 Alvarado Ave., Monterey 6.30-9.30

 5 Aug: Rosie’s Country Store  

1 Esquiline Road ~ Carmel Valley 6.30-9.30  ( webcast)

 6 Aug : KPIG  radio interview 11 AM

 6 Aug: House Concert: Private Home, Carmel Valley

 call l 831-235-7662 to RSVP   for details

7 Aug: Kulak’s Woodshed ( Hollywood, LA) time TBA ( webcast)

 8 Aug: Songwriters Serenade, Arcadia, Los Angeles 7 PM

9 Aug: Wine and Song, Pasadena Los Angeles , 7PM


Songwriting in Spain :-)

Right now I have a week of teaching/ holiday/writing/walking in the beautiful village Becerril outside Madrid, Spain. I had a small workshop yesterday with local people which was great fun. Right now, I’m taking time to write for myself, doing a bit of walking… mind you, it’s above 30 degrees (celcisus), so my hiking plans had to be a little changed. I’m staying here with a friend, but i have a lot of time alone. Thinking a lot lately about what really matters to me. Where I should use my energy, and what I really need. Longing for a cottage in the forrest….. Longing for quiet times, spending time with people I love and care about. Want to have time to create and play music much more… so, let’s see where it all travels…..:-)


So… some pics from musical memories in the spring.

Greenland Arctic Sounds festival was really cool. The landscape over there is amazing, and it triggers a lot of things in you and in your songwriting.. some great tunes were born over there 🙂 Cool to be there with My Quiet Companion this year…. nice to play solo, but more fun to play with others 🙂IMG_2342IMG_2483


Spring full of colds, fever, writing and ideas…..


Long time since I wrote here….

January and February are dark months in Sweden… it’s a time when it’s good to take it a little easy, go inside both to your house and heart. I had fever this week and was forced to take some days off from my work at the singer/songwriter course…’s good to get some extra time to think some time..

I’m wiring a lot these days..a theme for a new album is occurring in my mind… I get ideas of how I want to record some songs… things are moving again.. ideas arriving… I love that state.. the tingle in the stomach .. to dream of a new project.

I’m tired this year, I need to slow down. But the important things like my music and my projects keep me alive.. keep me grounded, so I won’t let them go…

I’m looking forward to go to Greenland in April to the Arctic Sounds Music Festival and play again….and I’m looking forward to a new …still secret project with my trio My Quiet Companion,

Also… I have a bunch of great people in my songwriting group at the school I work that keep me inspired and on my toes…

January and February are soon over, the light will come again, until then I hold on to my light of gratitude… biding my time… to bloom again…

will keep you posted ❤


The year 2014….. summary….

Sort of summing up the year….. many things happened this year. I’ve been playing in California, Greenland and Denmark… and done some great gigs here in Sweden with My Quiet Companion…. workshops on song-writing and running the course at Löftadalen for singer/songwriters.  Had a great friend from Los Angeles, Adam Levy  (beautiful singer/ songwriter and guitar player)  here visiting and we did some gigs together. Other friends also from California: Bright Blue Gorillas came here and we got to share music and play some gigs…..Also,,,,,was about to do a small UK tour, that I had to cancel. That was a shame…but sometimes that is the way to go. Rest when rest is needed. It’s been a busy year…. a good year, and I’m grateful for the fact that music grows in my life. Next year will be a little slower, so I have more time to write and enjoy the gigs I’m playing. Also… I think it will be about cleansing and and going for the things that really matter…. looking forward ❤

Thoughts from a rainy Aarhus, Denmark……

Spending time in Aarhus, Denmark a few days, rehearsing for and playing at Aarhus Festuge. I’m doing a project with my good friend and beautiful songwriter/musician Cecilie Sadolin. She’s put together a great band from the Aarhus Conservatory of Music… full band, stings , choir singers …and arranged some of my songs for the project.
So great to hear my song in new shapes and costume… it’s interesting to see how they work.
The concert is based on then songwriting journey we’ve been on together the last five years… I’m looking forward… 🙂