My Quiet Companion: workshop and concert tour……

This week, touring..playing concerts and doing workshops with teenagers in Eskilstuna together with Patrick Rydman and Henrik Cederblom: My Quiet Companion It’s been rather intense but a lot of fun. It’s rewarding when you can see that young people like your music, and that it inspires them. Also fun to do songwriting together on the spot with a group, keeps you on your toes…..two more weeks of this coming up later this spring…looking forward to that 🙂 

Here’s me, Patrick and Henrik “workshoping” away…. this day one of the songs we wrote together with the students was called : Sweedely Swoody YOLO.. 🙂   great fun!!! 



songwriters in Copenhagen…..

Spent a great time in Copenhagen last week …traveling together with a bunch of singer/songwriters from Löftadalens folkhögskola… a course I’m running…

Played and listened to a lot of music this week…

Thanks to Lasse Hall for taking this picture 🙂

Playing at Mojo's songwriter night …..

Playing at Mojo’s songwriter night …..