The year 2014….. summary….

Sort of summing up the year….. many things happened this year. I’ve been playing in California, Greenland and Denmark… and done some great gigs here in Sweden with My Quiet Companion…. workshops on song-writing and running the course at Löftadalen for singer/songwriters.  Had a great friend from Los Angeles, Adam Levy  (beautiful singer/ songwriter and guitar player)  here visiting and we did some gigs together. Other friends also from California: Bright Blue Gorillas came here and we got to share music and play some gigs…..Also,,,,,was about to do a small UK tour, that I had to cancel. That was a shame…but sometimes that is the way to go. Rest when rest is needed. It’s been a busy year…. a good year, and I’m grateful for the fact that music grows in my life. Next year will be a little slower, so I have more time to write and enjoy the gigs I’m playing. Also… I think it will be about cleansing and and going for the things that really matter…. looking forward ❤