Spring full of colds, fever, writing and ideas…..


Long time since I wrote here….

January and February are dark months in Sweden… it’s a time when it’s good to take it a little easy, go inside both to your house and heart. I had fever this week and was forced to take some days off from my work at the singer/songwriter course…..it’s good to get some extra time to think some time..

I’m wiring a lot these days..a theme for a new album is occurring in my mind… I get ideas of how I want to record some songs… things are moving again.. ideas arriving… I love that state.. the tingle in the stomach .. to dream of a new project.

I’m tired this year, I need to slow down. But the important things like my music and my projects keep me alive.. keep me grounded, so I won’t let them go…

I’m looking forward to go to Greenland in April to the Arctic Sounds Music Festival and play again….and I’m looking forward to a new …still secret project with my trio My Quiet Companion,

Also… I have a bunch of great people in my songwriting group at the school I work that keep me inspired and on my toes…

January and February are soon over, the light will come again, until then I hold on to my light of gratitude… biding my time… to bloom again…

will keep you posted ❤