at the end of 2013……

Well…. 2013 was a good year. So many things happened….projects and ideas I’ve worked a lot for actually became real…. grateful for this.  I wish that 2014 is going to be a year where I can allow myself to land in my music, trust it and make it grow even stronger… and bigger… I would like to start dreaming a bit bigger next year… aim a little higher… but still with my feet solidly grounded….I’m starting to hear new music also.. my songs have taken a slightly different direction… I wonder where this will lead.. I’m exited and curious…..

I will start my year in California,  going to one of Brett Perkins’ songwriter retreats…. I can’t wait !!! It’s such a treat to meet other songwriters , co-write and get some new inspiration…. I could’t think of a better way of starting this new year…Will write a bit about it on this blog… I hope…

Wish you all a great 2014….

Love ❤


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