Thoughts from a rainy Aarhus, Denmark……

Spending time in Aarhus, Denmark a few days, rehearsing for and playing at Aarhus Festuge. I’m doing a project with my good friend and beautiful songwriter/musician Cecilie Sadolin. She’s put together a great band from the Aarhus Conservatory of Music… full band, stings , choir singers …and arranged some of my songs for the project.
So great to hear my song in new shapes and costume… it’s interesting to see how they work.
The concert is based on then songwriting journey we’ve been on together the last five years… I’m looking forward… 🙂

Summer Memories….

The summer past…. I had to rest and take it easy after an intense spring with teaching, playing , and being a mum.Even when you do things you love things can be too intense for your own good…. So I’ve been on holiday for most of the summer… In my mind, sometimes home sometimes away… not gigging a lot… not writing a lot…. just doing practical things, like fixing in my house, and falling in love any those things…
I’ts been a great summer.
I feel rested and ready for autumn, my favorite time of year.. the focus, clarity and piece of mind usually arrive then.. can feel it coming.
I’m looking forward to start teaching at the singer/songwriter course at Löftadalens Folkhögskola, playing with my trio and wiring some songs..
Mind you… to keep my spirit alive I also did some music this summer.
Here are some pics….

Art Gallery, Mölle at an exhibition with photo by Tinah Hallberg and paintings by Ingrid Hallberg Photo: Tinah Hallberg

Art Gallery, Mölle at an exhibition with photo by Tinah Hallberg and paintings by Ingrid Hallberg
Photo: Tinah Hallberg

Lendas.. Crete

Lendas.. Crete

Copenhagen Songwriters Festival

Copenhagen Songwriters Festival

Meeting Spring in Greenland….

What to pack to go to Greenland? Well… it’s -10 degrees C there right now… so I better take my winter gear… Well it’s going to be a great adventure to travel to this very exotic place. I’m playing at the Arctic Sounds Festival in Sisimiut next week… This year I’ve found that music can really take you places you’d never thought you’d come to… I think this kind of traveling is the best way to do it really. Looking forward to a life full of traveling and music… See you! 

My Quiet Companion: workshop and concert tour……

This week, touring..playing concerts and doing workshops with teenagers in Eskilstuna together with Patrick Rydman and Henrik Cederblom: My Quiet Companion It’s been rather intense but a lot of fun. It’s rewarding when you can see that young people like your music, and that it inspires them. Also fun to do songwriting together on the spot with a group, keeps you on your toes…..two more weeks of this coming up later this spring…looking forward to that 🙂 

Here’s me, Patrick and Henrik “workshoping” away…. this day one of the songs we wrote together with the students was called : Sweedely Swoody YOLO.. 🙂   great fun!!!