Meeting Spring in Greenland….

What to pack to go to Greenland? Well… it’s -10 degrees C there right now… so I better take my winter gear… Well it’s going to be a great adventure to travel to this very exotic place. I’m playing at the Arctic Sounds Festival in Sisimiut next week… This year I’ve found that music can really take you places you’d never thought you’d come to… I think this kind of traveling is the best way to do it really. Looking forward to a life full of traveling and music… See you! 

My Quiet Companion: workshop and concert tour……

This week, touring..playing concerts and doing workshops with teenagers in Eskilstuna together with Patrick Rydman and Henrik Cederblom: My Quiet Companion It’s been rather intense but a lot of fun. It’s rewarding when you can see that young people like your music, and that it inspires them. Also fun to do songwriting together on the spot with a group, keeps you on your toes…..two more weeks of this coming up later this spring…looking forward to that 🙂 

Here’s me, Patrick and Henrik “workshoping” away…. this day one of the songs we wrote together with the students was called : Sweedely Swoody YOLO.. 🙂   great fun!!! 



songwriters in Copenhagen…..

Spent a great time in Copenhagen last week …traveling together with a bunch of singer/songwriters from Löftadalens folkhögskola… a course I’m running…

Played and listened to a lot of music this week…

Thanks to Lasse Hall for taking this picture 🙂

Playing at Mojo's songwriter night …..

Playing at Mojo’s songwriter night …..


Leaving California blues……

Me and Klaus at the Fremont Centre.. last show of outré tour…..

Me and Klaus at the Fremont Centre.. last show of our tour…..

Just came home from a wonderful retreat and tour in California. What an experience it’s been! Spreading my songs in America, and being so well received… has been a pleasure. So many nice, welcoming people I’ve met. …..Thanks so much to Brett Perkins and Klaus Caprani, who came on the tour with me…we were a nice trio in the van, as well as on stage… Also was amazed by the dramatic nature and the differences in the California landscape. From the giant redwood trees to the white beaches… and the climate… 25 degrees….. could walk bare feet in the winter.. mind you, they need some rain now.. so a bit frightening in the long run that it’s still so warm….But for my visit.. it was lovely. Now settling in here in Sweden again. Looking forward to work this spring with the trio “My Quiet Companion” doing a recurring  tour playing concerts, talking about the process of songwriting, as well as running workshops. Was also nice to come back to see my students at Löftadalens folkhögskola….beautiful songwriter and kindred spirits they are!  Enjoyed so much to see my kids again.. they’re my home…. home is good …..but must admit….I miss California already…..

California news…..

I’m having the most wonderful time in California right now. Spent one week in Ben Lomond on  one of Brett Perkins’ songwriter retreats….and it was the best way to start the year. Inspiring to co-write, jam and hang out at these retreats!!! Now heading south… doing a promo tour…playling a show in San Luis Obisbo tonight …..….. and had a great opportunity to play four songs at the radio station KPIG the other day… it’s sort of new to me to play my songs to an English speaking audience… and I feel very touched when they reach people’s hearts…<3  All I can say really is thank you 


at the end of 2013……

Well…. 2013 was a good year. So many things happened….projects and ideas I’ve worked a lot for actually became real…. grateful for this.  I wish that 2014 is going to be a year where I can allow myself to land in my music, trust it and make it grow even stronger… and bigger… I would like to start dreaming a bit bigger next year… aim a little higher… but still with my feet solidly grounded….I’m starting to hear new music also.. my songs have taken a slightly different direction… I wonder where this will lead.. I’m exited and curious…..

I will start my year in California,  going to one of Brett Perkins’ songwriter retreats…. I can’t wait !!! It’s such a treat to meet other songwriters , co-write and get some new inspiration…. I could’t think of a better way of starting this new year…Will write a bit about it on this blog… I hope…

Wish you all a great 2014….

Love ❤